Spring Clean Up

The Sun is warming everything around us and the snow is finally gone! Showing all the garbage and other things that made their way around town. This is the perfect time to give your vehicle a much needed cleaning! Here are some awesome ways to keep your car clean this summer!

Tired of the trash floating around the back seat with your kids? Grab yourself an old Rubbermaid cereal box and place a plastic bag in it! Open the lid when you have garbage and then close it once you're done. It's quick, cheap, and a good way to keep the car clean!

Use a Hanging Shoe organizer to keep all the kids toys, crafts and books off the floor but still easy enough to get at! This will make it easy for the kids to find exactly what they are looking for and you don't have to worry about screaming children. A shower Caddy also works great if you have kids that share!

Taking your dog on a trip with you this summer but you're sick of dealing with pet hair everywhere? Take an old blanket and mak…

Cleaning Hacks done cheap

Are you wanting to give your vehicle the spring cleaning its needs but you don't want to pay someone to clean it for you? We've got some great hacks to keep your wheels looking like new!
Cleaning off those bugs - Use a dryer sheet to remove the built up bugs. Just put a little water on them and scrub the bugs right off. Using cooking spray also works perfectly too!Cleaning old Bumper Stickers off - Use WD-40 to remove the stickers. Spray and let soke for a while then peel it right off.Cleaning your vents - Use an old paint brush or sponge paint brush to remove the dust. Just hold the vacuum up necks to it as you sweep the brush through the vent slots.Cleaning the Nooks and Crannies - Use an old toothbrush and your interior cleaner to remove the built up mess. Cleaning the dog hair up- An easy way to remove the dog hair is to use a squeegue and spray bottle. Spray the water on the seats and then pull the squeegue down the side and towards the bottom of the seat. Then easily vacu…

Regular Maintenance

When you purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle you know it needs regular maintenance, but could you be improperly maintaining your vehicle? It's more possible than you think.
Each vehicle sold in Manitoba must have an owners manual to pass safety. Inside the owners manual is a schedule you should follow when it comes to oil changes, tire rotations, transmission flushes, fuse replacement and more. However if you don't want to break this out every so often to double check you can follow an easy to remember schedule.
Oil changes and filters should be completed every 8,000 km not 5,000
Tire Rotations should be done every second oil change (16,000 km)
Air filters should be changed every 24,000 km
Brake inspections should be done ever 24,000 km as well.
It's recommended you stay up to date with your recalls as well. So if you receive a letter from your manufacturer make sure you open it to find out your recalls.
Cleaning the interior and exterior of your vehicle is also a must…

When should you change your winter tires back to summer tires?

A good rule of thumb is after the last snow fall of the winter.

However if you live in Manitoba or basically any Canadian province we all know that could be as late as May. So our Tire specialist at Virden Ford recommend waiting until the last week in March or the first week in April. Generally around this time the weather is starting to reach above -7 and things are melting. You winter tires start to work at -7 so once it stays warmer than -7 at a steady pace, its time to change your tires back to summer tires.

We don't recommend leaving your winter tires on in May as it is to warm out and the pavement and gravel has started to heat from the sun. As you know winter tires have a softer trend to them that benifits you in winter when it comes to gripping on ice and snow. However in the summer you no longer need this softer tred so returning to your summer tires is always best. Warm pavement/gravel and Winter Tires DO NOT mix.

Setting a reminder to remove your tires is always benific…

Tip & Tricks for Purchasing your next Pre-Owned Vehicle

Purchasing a Pre-owned vehicle privately can be hard. The rules are different as the privates sales idividuals are not held to higher standards and may not give you the proper information. Here are some tips and tricks for purchasing a pre-owned vehicle privately. Always open the Doors and trunk to look for colour variation in the paint. This is a good indicator that your vehicle has been in an accident before.Tire wear and tread are very important. Make sure there is no cracks in the tires this indicates the tires have been weathered. Rust in the quarter pannels in manitoba will result in not being able to safety the vehicle.Always check your engine dip sticks and fluid levels to ensure they the right colour and right levels and there is very little burnt smell coming from them. Make sure all seatbelts retract all the way and latch properly.Ensure the vin on the drivers door matches the vin in the bottom drivers side coner of your windsheild.When test driving the vehicle turn off the…

Tire Protection Made Easy

When you buy your new or pre-owned vehicle tires are usually one of that last things that are important to you! You make sure they still have lots of wear left on them and then you focus on other important facts about the vehicle. But did you know buying new tires for a vehicle can cost up to $700.00 per tire depending on the brand you have. Plus if the rim gets damaged you have another $1000.00 or less depending on the rim style. Not to mention if you drive AWD you should technically replace all 4 tires so they are the same tread size. Which adds up extremely fast! When you have a flat you will be charged $60.00 to get it fixed. So What do we have to offer to help offseat these unexpected costs?

Tire & Rim Protection is by far the best thing that has ever made its way onto the market! After seeing the numbers above you know just how out of hand things can get! But with the Tire & Rim Plan you don't have to worry about those extra costs they take care of it for you.

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Understanding Extended Warranty

Ford has it's own Extended Warranty just like any other brand. We will be breaking down the Premium Care Extended Warranty Ford offers however other brand's warranty programs will be similar in comparison.

Most Vehicles come with 3 years or 60,000 km Bumper to Bumper Warranty that covers you on many aspects of your vehicle. However once you surpass this either in time or km you are now a high pay situation. So dealerships have come up with a way to save you money and worrying.  Warranty thats valid at all Ford or Lincoln dealers across Canada & US and transferrable at the end of your term.

Extended Service comes with Various Terms to suit your life style. From years of coverage to km coverage as well as deductables it's all able to be specially designed to suit you the driver. The longest coverage is 8 years or 200,000 km and the highest deductable is $200.00.

What does Extended Warranty Cover?
 Your extended warranty covers a vast majority of your vehicle including ove…