When should you change your winter tires back to summer tires?

A good rule of thumb is after the last snow fall of the winter.

However if you live in Manitoba or basically any Canadian province we all know that could be as late as May. So our Tire specialist at Virden Ford recommend waiting until the last week in March or the first week in April. Generally around this time the weather is starting to reach above -7 and things are melting. You winter tires start to work at -7 so once it stays warmer than -7 at a steady pace, its time to change your tires back to summer tires.

We don't recommend leaving your winter tires on in May as it is to warm out and the pavement and gravel has started to heat from the sun. As you know winter tires have a softer trend to them that benifits you in winter when it comes to gripping on ice and snow. However in the summer you no longer need this softer tred so returning to your summer tires is always best. Warm pavement/gravel and Winter Tires DO NOT mix.

Setting a reminder to remove your tires is always benifical, some dealers may call you to set up appointments for your tire swap as well.

For more information on winter or summer tires please contact our Service or Parts Department today 204-748-1775.


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