Service Maintance Plans

Many dealerships will have a Service Maintance Plan that you can purchase. The plans will cover the cost of your regular maintance of your vehicle. This is a great way to make small payment on something rather than pay a large lump sum of money all at once.

How it works:
When you purchase your vehicle you have the option of buying the service plan that day of purchase or financing it over the term of your purchase or lease. Following a Scheduled Maintenance plan you will be covered for a number of wear items. The Maintenance plan ensures that you have continuous warranty coverage throught ownership of your vehicle. The Cost of maintaining your vehicle is lower and you don't have to worry about your warranty being voided because you didn't have your maintenance done at the right time.  The Scheduled Maintenance Plan list to follow:

  • Change Engine Oil and replace Oil Filter
  • Inspect and Rotate Tires
  • Inspect Brake Pads/Shoes/Rotors/Drums, Brake Lines and Parking Brake System
  • Inspect Wheel Ends for End Play and Noise
  • Inspect and Lubricate Steering Linkage, Ball Joints, Suspension and, if equipped, Halfshafts, Driveshafts and U-joints
  • Change Transmission Fluid
  • Replace fuel Filter
  • Replace Engine Air Filter
  • Change Engine Coolant
  • Replace PCV valvue
  • If equipped, change Transfer case Fluid
  • If equipped, inspect and lubricate 4x4 front axel shaft u-joints
  • If equipped, lubricate 4x4 front hub needle bearings
  • If equipped. Lubricate 4x2 front wheel bearings, replace grease seals and adjust bearings
  • If equipped fill diesel exhaust fluid.

It is a worry free plan where you gas up your vehicle and go.

What is covers:
There are eight key items that are covered under the Service Maintance Plan.

  1. Brake Pads and Linings
  2. Brake Rotors
  3. Shock Absorbers
  4. Spark Plugs
  5. Wiper Blades
  6. Engine Belts, Coolant Hoses/Clamps/Hose Seals
  7. Light Bulbs (excludes LED/HID lamps and headlamps unless PremiumCARE Plus is purchased)
  8. Clutch Disc (Manual Transmission Only)
The Ford Maintenance Protection Plan is valid right across Canada at any Ford Dealership. However several dealers will have a maintenance plan that is only valid if you have all of your service work done at their dealership. Make sure you ask these questions before purchasing the plan. For more information please visit our website.


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