Tip & Tricks for Purchasing your next Pre-Owned Vehicle

Purchasing a Pre-owned vehicle privately can be hard. The rules are different as the privates sales idividuals are not held to higher standards and may not give you the proper information. Here are some tips and tricks for purchasing a pre-owned vehicle privately.
  1. Always open the Doors and trunk to look for colour variation in the paint. This is a good indicator that your vehicle has been in an accident before.
  2. Tire wear and tread are very important. Make sure there is no cracks in the tires this indicates the tires have been weathered. 
  3. Rust in the quarter pannels in manitoba will result in not being able to safety the vehicle.
  4. Always check your engine dip sticks and fluid levels to ensure they the right colour and right levels and there is very little burnt smell coming from them. 
  5. Make sure all seatbelts retract all the way and latch properly.
  6. Ensure the vin on the drivers door matches the vin in the bottom drivers side coner of your windsheild.
  7. When test driving the vehicle turn off the radio and air in order to hear the engine. If you hear any ticking or off sounds this is a sign of engine issues. 
  8. Always ask for a Carproof of the vehicle before you purchase it. 
  9. Ask for a service history on the vehicle as well. If they do not have one request to see what work they have done in the past year. Often vehicles with higher km's will need a transmission and engine flush. This is a cost most buyers are not expecting when they go to safety a vehicle.
  10. Check for all lights in the dash if there are any on note if stay on or flash. Have these things priced out before purchasing the vehicle. These can be very pricey
  11. Check your A/C is working correctly even in the winter. Come summer if this isn't working it is a cost that adds up quickly.
To avoid any issues or high repair cost always purchase a vehicle thats been safetied by a certified technician or business. This way you know the work has been completed and done correctly. 

When purchasing a vehicle from a dealer look for these things as well as ask to see what work was done during the safety. Always ensure you see a carproof once again and if you have any question make sure to ask.

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