Tire Protection Made Easy

When you buy your new or pre-owned vehicle tires are usually one of that last things that are important to you! You make sure they still have lots of wear left on them and then you focus on other important facts about the vehicle. But did you know buying new tires for a vehicle can cost up to $700.00 per tire depending on the brand you have. Plus if the rim gets damaged you have another $1000.00 or less depending on the rim style. Not to mention if you drive AWD you should technically replace all 4 tires so they are the same tread size. Which adds up extremely fast! When you have a flat you will be charged $60.00 to get it fixed. So What do we have to offer to help offseat these unexpected costs?

Tire & Rim Protection is by far the best thing that has ever made its way onto the market! After seeing the numbers above you know just how out of hand things can get! But with the Tire & Rim Plan you don't have to worry about those extra costs they take care of it for you.

How it works:
You choose your coverage from 3-5 Years. Make a one time payment of up too $600.00 then you go! It's as easy as that no more worries! If you do run into a problem the plan covers Tire & Rim Repairs due to road hazards such as pot holes, cracks, nails, and glass.

More Coverage:

  • Flat Tire Coverage
  • Tire Replacement
  • Wheel/Rim Protection
  • Curb Damage Coverage
  • Convenient Transferablity
  • Zero Deductible
  • Towing/Road Service
  • Food and Lodging
This plan works for Regular tires as well as Nirtogen-filled tires. So What's stopping you from keeping a little extra cash in your account.


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