Cleaning Hacks done cheap

Are you wanting to give your vehicle the spring cleaning its needs but you don't want to pay someone to clean it for you? We've got some great hacks to keep your wheels looking like new!

  1. Cleaning off those bugs - Use a dryer sheet to remove the built up bugs. Just put a little water on them and scrub the bugs right off. Using cooking spray also works perfectly too!
  2. Cleaning old Bumper Stickers off - Use WD-40 to remove the stickers. Spray and let soke for a while then peel it right off.
  3. Cleaning your vents - Use an old paint brush or sponge paint brush to remove the dust. Just hold the vacuum up necks to it as you sweep the brush through the vent slots.
  4. Cleaning the Nooks and Crannies - Use an old toothbrush and your interior cleaner to remove the built up mess. 
  5. Cleaning the dog hair up- An easy way to remove the dog hair is to use a squeegue and spray bottle. Spray the water on the seats and then pull the squeegue down the side and towards the bottom of the seat. Then easily vacuum the hair up.
  6. Cleaning your cup holders - After cleaning out the cup holders with your toothbrush place Silicone cups for baking inside your cup holders that will catch all the crumbs and spills.
  7. Cleaning dashes - Use an old sock instead of an expensive fiber cloth. Use the sock just as you would the cloth.
  8. Keeping you car smelling great -  Use a Clothes pin and essential oils to keep your car smelling fresh and clean. Just drop a few drops of the oil on the end of the clip and clip it in the vents.
All easy and cheap ways to clean your vehicle and keep it looking great! For more information visit us at or on facebook, instagram, or twitter.


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